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A Beautiful Retreat Surrounded by Forest

The VILA DRAGA (‘Villa Darling’) is situated in a natural garden within the lakeside forest of Bled, overlooking the famous scenery of the lake and island. Even though only 50m away from the lakeside and featuring its own private access to the lakeside promenade with its public amenities, it’s discretely hiding away from mainstream tourism.

The villa offers parking place for several cars. It’s twenty minutes walking distance to the centre of Bled and five to ten minutes to two restaurants and a grocery.

The roughly 100 years old villa is fully equipped with modern kitchen and household appliances by the owner family, using the estate as private holiday resort.

Location Vila Draga

Built in the 1920s, the estate – after WW2 – has been used to host guests of the Yugoslav government. Since the early 90s, marking the independence of Slovenia and the end of Yugoslav communism, the VILA DRAGA (240 m² on a 4000 m² estate) became a Swiss company’s privately held retreat and holiday home.

House and garden are kept in good shape and maintained by a local staff.

Gate Vila Draga Bled


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